Founder of Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s La Raza Lawyers “We’re going to TAKE OVER all the political institutions in California” and those that don’t like it “They ought to GO BACK TO EUROPE!”

Last week after Trump University Judge Gonzalo Curiel was exposed as part of “La Raza Lawyers” who links the “National Counsel of La Raza” on it’s “Community” page,  the liberal media went into 24-7 damage-control mode.

You may have heard the narrative from anti-Trump media muppets such as Megyn Kelly that “La Raza Lawyers” is actually just some benign organization that has nothing to do with La Raza. (Which we busted as being 100% WRONG)

Now, reporting from Brandon Darby of Breitbart News confirms that Judge Curiel’s group “La Raza Lawyers” in ADDITION to linking “National Counsel of La Raza” on their community website page, was ALSO founded by a man who believed in Hispanic Supremacy.

Darby writes

The lawyers’ association to which Judge Gonzalo Curiel belongs was co-founded by a man who publicly bragged about Hispanics taking over California and all of the state’s governmental institutions–and insisted that whites should go back to Europe. The group, the California La Raza Lawyers Association, has been widely defended as “not pro-Mexican” by mainstream media outlets, though the outlets failed to report the inflammatory statements of the man listed first as a founder, Mario Obledo.

A 2010 Snopes report asserts that the first-listed co-founder of Judge Curiel’s group, Obledo, made the statements. They reported:

Mario Obledo was a co-founder of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) and the La Raza Lawyers of California bar association, and he formerly served as California’s Secretary of Health and Welfare. We don’t know exactly when and where he first made his controversial statement about California’s becoming a “Hispanic state,” but he has confirmed he said it at least twice: during an appearance on Ray Briem’s talk radio show in May or June of 1998, and again on Tom Leykis’ talk radio show:

Obledo: “We’re going to take over all the political institutions of California. In five years the Hispanics are going to be the majority population of this state.”

Caller: “You also made the statement that California is going to become a Hispanic state, and if anyone doesn’t like it, they should leave. Did you say that?”

Obledo: “I did. They ought to go back to Europe.”

So there you have it. The mainstream media again gets it wrong. Donald Trump AGAIN proven right. Judge Gonzalo’s Curiel’s “La Raza Lawyers” is not just Pro-Mexican, they are founded by a radical Hispanic supremacist that said non-Hispanics  who resist take-over ought to “GO BACK TO EUROPE.”

Donald Trump had every right to question Judge Gonzalo Curiel based on this shady affiliation.

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