BREAKING – Guess Who Taught Colin Kaepernick to Hate America?

Well, at least Colin Kaepernick has something in common with the Obama’s… they’re both racists and they both hate cops. You are known by the company you keep, so of course Kaepernick was right at home with Mooch in the White House in 2013, promoting Michelle’s heinous ‘Let’s Move!’ initiative. They had cute photo ops and schmoozed like the elite do. Sickening.

Maybe he’s considering starting a Black Lives Matter kid’s movement. I wouldn’t put it past him. You can never teach children too young to hate, ya know. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that at the urging of his girlfriend, that Kaepernick converted to Islam two months ago as well. He’s the entire recipe of racist, cop-hating ingredients.

From FanSided:

Colin Kaepernick is officially a celebrity, although he may already have been one a long time ago.

The 49ers quarterback took a trip to the White House earlier this week and met First Lady Michelle Obama to discuss her “Let’s Move” initiative that encourages children to be active and healthy.

However, he couldn’t leave without doing his signature move — “Kaepernicking” — with the First Lady:


Mrs. Obama looks great, except she looks like she’s having a pretty bad stomachache.

He comes from a white family who adopted him after his own parents abandoned him. Now he’s a Muslim who hates cops and America. His parents must be so proud. He was also accused of raping three different women in college – none of those stuck to him though.

In July 2015, Kaepernick converted to Islam during the off-season AND he is engaged to Nessa Diab, a Black Lives Matter activist who promotes what she calls “authentic Islam.” The Kaepernick’s will also have a traditional Muslim wedding.


I’m beginning to see a pattern here, how about you?

Kaepernick is worth approximately $126 million. I suggest that if he doesn’t like America, he take his BLM Muslim bride and head to the Middle East. Maybe they can hang out with Janet Jackson and her hubby.

Isn’t it funny that every time there is a social justice kerfuffle, you’ll find both Black Lives Matter and Islam in the mix? Where violence goes, they lead. Along with cop-hatred and a deep-seated resentment for all things American that is.

That’s why I’m not surprised to see this guy hanging with the Obama’s in the White House… after all, Black Lives Matter has been there many times. It’s easy to see where their priorities lie.

H/T – FreedomDaily


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