BREAKING : Democrat “Antifa” Terrorist Who Beat a Man Senseless is Employed by UC Berkeley

Dabney Miller, an “Antifa” Democrat terrorist, who beat Trump supporters during the UC Berkeley riots is on staff at UC Berkeley.

Miller boasted about beating conservatives and posted images of a man he knocked to the ground and beat senseless.

This Democrat terrorist is cut a paycheck by the UC Berkeley administration.

Time to CUT their federal funding.

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From Ralph Retort

File this under the “Things I’m Not Shocked to See” category. As it turns out, one of the “antifa” attackers from the Milo Yiannpoulos event in California the other night has been identified. Not only that, he draws a paycheck from the UC Berkeley administration. Shocking, I know. Well, at least one thing is surprising: that he’s this fucking stupid.

If you’re going to brag about your assault activities, it’s best not to use online accounts that can be traced back to your real name and occupation. I would have thought they taught stuff like this in antifa commie class.

Read full article here.

How stupid does Robert Reich feel right now? Who claimed the rioters were right wing plants?

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