BREAKING : China Cuts Off North Korea, Buys Coal from the USA Instead

WOW! “The Art of the Deal” in action.

China has cut off North Korea’s shipments of coal due to last week’s missile test.

They have made up the shortfall by importing more coal from the United States.

Amazing what ONE MEETING with President Trump can do.

Obama could not have accomplished this in 8 years.

From The Washington Examiner

The news comes just days after President Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, where the administration said North Korea’s missile tests would be a top priority in the talks.

Reuters first reported Tuesday that China’s customs department ordered all companies that receive imports from North Korea to immediately return all coal cargoes, according to three trading sources who saw the order. The order was sent by the Chinese government on April 7, soon after Trump and Xi concluded their discussions.

The decision will be a boon for U.S. coal producers as China has ramped up orders of U.S. coking coal used in making steel, Reuters reported. The increase in U.S. coal imports fits nicely with Trump’s pro-fossil fuel agenda to put miners in coal country back to work.

“Trump said he’d be good for coal, and I don’t think he meant N. Korean coal,” Luke Popovich, spokesman for the National Mining Association, said in an email to the Washington Examiner.


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