BREAKING : Armed Citizens are Patrolling the Border While Awaiting Trump to Take Office

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Armed US citizens from Arizona Border Recon are patrolling the US border with Mexico while they wait for Donald Trump to take office.

The group of patriots is comprised mainly of former US military men and women.

They are working to protect American from illegals and drug cartels.

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From NBC:

Donald Trump’s promises to build a wall “and make Mexico pay for it” were rallying cries throughout his march to the White House. Trump has since said that he would accept building a fence instead of a wall “in certain areas,” but border security issues are likely to be a top priority for the incoming administration.

Photographer John Moore traveled with a group of civilian paramilitaries in Arizona who’ve made it their business to patrol along the border with Mexico.

The armed group, made up mostly of former U.S. military servicemen and women, stages reconnaissance and surveillance operations against drug and human smuggling operations in remote border areas.

The group, which claims up to 200 volunteers, does not consider itself a militia, but rather a group of citizens supplementing U.S. Border Patrol efforts to control illegal border activity.

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