BREAKING : Another Journalist Tweets Sick Attack on 10 yr old Barron Trump

Another journalist wants to follow in the footsteps of SNL writer Katie Rich who disgustingly tweeted that 10 year old Barron Trump would end up being the “country’s first homeschool killer.”

Ashley Csanady, a Canadian who writes for the National Post followed up with her own bullying, tweeting Barron has a “serious resting bitch face.”

Ashley has apparently since deleted the tweet, but not before it was screen captured and noticed by many.

Only after a backlash and likely realizing she could get fired for her disgusting actions, Ashley tweeted an apology.

We are not buying the apology. This is a grown woman and it’s not a confusing question as to whether you attack a 10 year old child thrust into the spotlight – you simply do not do it.

On her twitter profile, Ashley quotes Bette Davis “When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her an opinion, she’s a bitch.”

Well, Ashley – women giving their opinion are not bitches, but humans publicly bullying 10 year old boys certainly are and much much worse.

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