BREAKING : ACTUAL Voting Experts DEBUNK the Pro-Trump Hacker Conspiracy Theory #Recount2016

Amidst the hysteria and mass uncertainty of the “recount”, Mashable.com has quietly released a story that completely debunks the widely peddled “vote hacking to help Trump in recount states” conspiracy theory.

Liberal propagandists CNN and Yahoo News were two of the many outlets to shamelessly peddle this “wishful thinking” conspiracy theory.

In the example below, CNN tries add additional weight to the dubious claim Trump hackers likely affected the results of the election in recount states by referring to a now debunked group of speculators as “the voting experts.”


Mashable debunks fake news CNN’s fake  “voting experts” completely using the analysis of Nate Cohn and Nate Silver, who are ACTUAL voting experts.

From Mashable

The claim was this: Clinton performed significantly worse in Wisconsin areas with hackable voting machines than she did in areas with paper ballots. Again, on the surface, this seems alarming. But polling experts quickly took the evidence to task.

Well well well…..Our conclusion is CNN and Yahoo News are a disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves. THEY are the “Fake News.”

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