Biased Mainstream Media Creates FAKE NEWS Stories Over Trump’s Transition

Right now the mainstream media is like a jilted lover.

Our lying mainstream media is a North Korea-style, government-run propaganda machine which exists solely to push the global liberal narrative.

Thanks in part to Wikileaks, and the media’s own wildly biased fake news style, these shills have been exposed as nothing more than a tool used by the DNC to promote their candidates and their global liberal agenda.

Right now the fake-news media is in revenge and desperation mode, hysterically lashing out and “faking it” more than ever before.

Nowhere can that DESPERATE fake news approach be seen more than with the “reporting” on Trump’s transition process

The fake news media is literally making up negative stories about Trump out of anger and desperation.

…and people are noticing.

While the mainstream media, social media, and even the president push this narrative that conservative “fake news” is ruining elections and life as we know it, they are the ones who are PUSHING the actual “FAKE NEWS” by once again working overtime to paint Donald Trump in a negative light.

They’re creating stories based on hearsay and “sources,” in a desperate attempt to make it appear as if we “picked the wrong candidate” and lend legitimacy to FAKE protests wich are funded by a far-left Communist named George Soros.

These tactics and this “reporting” only reinforces the North Korea-style, government-run “moniker” that the fake news media has earned.

Never before has a president-elect been treated in such a negative and nasty light, or criticized so harshly by the media during a transition process.

But then again, no past president-elect has exposed the fake mainstream media news the way Donald Trump has.

We see how this works, guys.

We get it.

That’s why your ratings and readership are in the toilet.


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