Author JK Rowling Offers HALF-ASSED Apology for Lying About Trump

Author JK Rowling, like most liberals, is shamelessly spreading fake news and bald-faced LIES about President Trump.

The ignorant and gullible Harry Potter author was duped by an edited video of President Trump meeting with a wheelchair bound child at the White House.

The edited version appeared to show Trump “snubbing” the child.

JK Rowling took to Twitter and went on an embarrassingly “emotional” rant over the fake news.

Because, as it turns out, President Trump RACED to the child and loving greeted him first.

Even after being BLASTED on social media for her lie, and shown the ACTUAL video, Rowling left the tweet up.

It wasn’t until after the mother of the child scolded Rowling that she finally deleted the tweet, and then issued the most half-assed apology ever.

She did not even bother to APOLOGIZE to the President of the United States for lying about him and smearing his good name.

From The Blaze

“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling was roundly criticized for a long rant she posted to Twitter Friday accusing President Trump of insensitively ignoring a child in a wheelchair reaching for his handshake.

As she quickly discovered, it was based on a deceptively edited video, and three days later she apologized.

“Re: my tweets about the small boy in a wheelchair whose proferred hand the president appeared to ignore in press footage,” she tweeted, “multiple sources have informed me that that was not a full or accurate representation of their interaction.”

“I very clearly projected my own sensitivities around the issue of disabled people being overlooked or ignored onto the images I saw and if that caused any distress to that boy or his family, I apologise unreservedly.”

“These tweets will remain, but I will delete the previous ones on the subject,” she concluded.

Some have noted that the apology was not directed at the subject of the deceptive video: President Trump.

The narrative surrounded a deceptively edited video of a visit at the White House. Although Trump warmly greeted a child in a wheelchair, when he walked back he seemed to shake the hands of those around him and not his. Someone edited out the greeting and only posted the latter portion of the video.

It went viral among those looking for an excuse to bash Trump.

Rowling’s rant against the president went viral as well.

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