Alabama Voters REJECT GOP Establishment and GO WITH TRUMP!

Alabama voters are flatly rejecting Mitch McConnell and his GOP establishment agenda in Alabama.

The McConnell-backed candidate for senate, who aimed to replace Jeff Sessions’ seat, is tanking in the polls, while the Trump-backed candidate soars.

This is further proof that the fake news narrative that President Trump is a “drain” on GOP candidates is false.

Well, he’s a DRAIN on the establishment, however, that’s not what the lying media is portraying.

From Washington Examiner

Alabama voters are rejecting GOP orders and millions of dollars in negative ads from Washington to permanently choose Sen. Luther Strange to replace former Sen. Jeff Sessions, instead swinging behind a plain-speaking judge who wants to bring God and morality to the nation’s capital.

“Alabama voters don’t appreciate it. They don’t want Washington controlling who is their senator. And I think they’ve made a very, very bad miscalculation in this case,” said Roy Moore, the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

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