Adam Schiff’s Birthday Wish to Obama Went Hilariously WRONG

On Friday, anti-Trump conspiracy theorist Adam Schiff took to Twitter to wish Barack Obama a “Happy Birthday.”

Schiff was slobbering over the former president, telling him how much “we” miss his intellect (hahaha) and integrity (hahahaha) in the White House.

As you can imagine, it did not take long for Trump supporters to POUNCE on Schiff.

After 8 years of failed policies, a terrible economy, weakness abroad, and a terrible health care bill that has decimated the American middle-class, there’s not much to “miss” about Mr. Integrity, is there?

Quite the contrary – now that Obama is gone, there’s a renewed sense of hope and change, and Americans feel truly hopeful about their future.

Schiff posted the tweet, and likely instantly regretted his “phrasing” because he got roasted!


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