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5 INCREDIBLE Ways Trump Is ALREADY Making America Greater!

President Trump and his administration have made some huge steps forward in the quest to Make America Great Again.

Here are five of the most important things that President Trump has accomplished over the last few weeks.

Ending Affirmative Action

Recently, the Trump administration has begun the process of ending the outdated and outright racist policy of affirmative action, focusing on school admissions to start with.

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Affirmative action is, in itself, a racist concept; it essentially portrays certain racial and ethnic minorities, specifically African Americans, as somehow inferior to other races.

The policy comes from a time when segregation was still occurring in schools, and black Americans faced far more obstacles.
Today, however, it is outdated and is doing far more harm than good, it needs to go.

Immigration Reform

The next big thing Trump has done recently is his announcement for immigration reform.

Now, we will be focusing on successful, English speaking immigrants, rather than opening the door to hordes of third world, unskilled, non-English speaking migrants; this will make a tremendous difference in the quality of life for all Americans.

By focusing on people who will succeed, rather than those who will simply come here to take advantage of the system, a new era of prosperity and growth for America is on the horizon.

Ending the Trans Insanity in the Military 

President Trump has also announced, to the cheers and support of our military, that transgender individuals will not be allowed to serve in the armed forces any longer.

After Obama used our military as a perverse and twisted social experiment, President Trump is completely committed to helping our servicemen and women, and will no longer subject them to the foolish and dangerous “politically correct” environment that was fostered under the previous administration.

Obama put our soldiers in danger by forcing them to deal with left-wing, P.C. foolishness, while cutting their budget and completely abusing them- all while he disparaged their service from the podium with every opportunity available.

Unleashing ICE

Another achievement of the Trump administration has been to “unchain” ICE, thereby allowing our Immigration officers to do their jobs.

Already, we have seen a tremendous drop in the number of illegal aliens attempting to cross the border, and arrests are up exponentially in just a few months’ time.

Deportations are also up, as our federal immigration officers are no longer forced to turn a blind eye to the waves of illegal aliens who’re arrested every single day.

Setting the Stage For THE WALL

This is yet another contrast to Obama’s disastrous policies, and a complete turnaround from Obama’s extremely weak immigration policy in specific.

Going hand in hand with this is, of course, Trump’s “The Wall” plan, which has seen major progress in recent weeks.

“Trump’s Wall” has been granted funding recently, and already, construction is underway, as well as testing of designs in San Diego, California.

With this amazing feat of architecture, President Trump has vowed to stem the flow of illegal aliens who have spent decades pouring over our borders, and have gone on to commit a multitude of crimes against the American people.

Ignore the Liberal Mainstream Media Lies

Despite the narrative from the biased, lying, anti-Trump mainstream media, President Trump has made huge strides in keeping his promises to the American people.

In less than one full year in office, Trump has accomplished so much, and his accomplishments come despite massive obstruction from both Democrats and establishment “Republicans,” all of whom have fought our president every step of the way.

Make no mistake, it will be a long and difficult battle ahead, but under President Trump, America is making a comeback in major ways.

No matter what we face as a country, we are committed to pulling ourselves out of the rut that Obama’s failed presidency left us in.

With a strong and determined leader like Donald Trump, and a good bit of effort on our part, there is no doubt that we will Make America Great Again.

H/T – PatriotBeat

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