10 Cringeworthy Pictures From the “Women’s March”

The #WomensMarch event took place on Saturday in D.C., where hoards of anti-Trump “feminists” took to the streets to protest.

However, beyond a general dislike of Donald Trump, no one is exactly sure what they were protesting.

Nevertheless, as you can imagine there were plenty of “cringeworthy” moments.

Here are our top-ten most cringeworthy:

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Those poor kids.

Here is a picture of 2 fans of the “Women’s March” – draw your own conclusions.

Do you think this is the proper way to display our flag?

What a bloody mess.

Guns vote, assemble, and have free speech? Who knew!

The filth and garbage left behind was very disrespectful to the environment.

Yes, the struggle looks real.

I feel violated from looking at this image!

Racism is ugly.

Yikes. Are people TRYING to grab it?

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