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With 100 Upcoming Vacancies Donald Trump Will Reshape the Federal Judiciary

Donald Trump has so many amazing opportunities to make positive America First changes in this country.

Not only does he have at least one appointment in the SCOTUS, but he also has 100 vacancies coming up in federal court.

From CNN:

Donald Trump is poised to cement the conservative majority on the Supreme Court, but he will also play a critical role in reshaping the look of the lower courts as he moves to fill over 100 vacancies in the federal judiciary. Experts say that the unusually high number of vacancies — due in part to judicial warfare between the Obama administration and the Republican-led Senate — could change the face of the courts. “If President-elect Trump can put a different face on the Supreme Court and the Courts of Appeals he could substantially change the course of federal jurisprudence,” said Russell Wheeler of the Brookings Institution.

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