WATCH – This Viral Video Will Forever Change How You Think of Immigration

Liberals like to be accepting of illegals, making sure that anyone opposed to them are labeled as bigots and racists, but this video will open your eyes to the facts.

In this NumbersUSA video, the global humanitarian reasons for current U.S. immigration are tested by Roy Beck’s presentation, represented with gumballs. One gum ball represents 1 million people and he brings home the harsh realities of having open borders.

“Some people say that mass immigration into the United States can help reduce world poverty, is that true? Well, no, it’s not,” Beck stated. In his presentation, he shows how little immigration truly impacts the effects of world poverty. In fact, it makes it worse.

Using the visual aspect of the gumballs, he shows the crowd that taking one million legal immigrants and putting them in America doesn’t make any difference. All the gumballs look the same as they did before — you can’t even tell one is missing.

However, when America swoops in and offers immigration to residents, it’s not to the absolute poor and sickly — it’s to the average poor who could actually make a difference in their country if they stayed and worked on the poverty there.

Adding this many people to America not only doesn’t impact their poverty, but it negatively impacts our economy and leaves our country worse off. With all these people coming in, we have more unemployment and fewer jobs available in an already struggling work force.

Because these immigrants leave their countries, without aiding their own, the poverty class in these countries actually increases rather than decreases. For every one million we take into our country, five times that are added to the countries we are trying to help.

This is proof that our immigration plans are useless against world poverty and only make things worse in the end. Will the media state these facts? No, of course they won’t. It seems that they don’t have America’s best interests at heart.

This is why we elected Donald Trump — this is why we are supporting building the wall and why we are happy that he instilled the temporary ban on refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries. We are not making a positive difference in immigration problems.

While the liberals are pushing for us to open our borders, have sanctuary cities, and let millions of refugees seek shelter here, they are not thinking about what consequences this would mean for our country. They are not thinking about what helps our people.

We need to focus on ourselves, for once, just like other countries do, and work to decrease poverty rates here. We can’t keep on looking towards others to help because that will just negatively impact everyone for the worse, as shown in this simple demonstration.

H/T – AngryPatriot

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