VIRAL VIDEO : United Pilot Goes on Bizarre Anti-Trump Rant, Passengers WALK OFF PLANE

Yikes, this is truly CRINGEWORTHY! When will people who service both Republicans and Democrats learn to not force their political opinions during uncomfortable situations like this?

Imagine being a passenger while THIS crazy woman started ranting on the intercom? GOOD RIDDANCE!

From ZeroHedge

Nearly half the passengers reportedly fled a United Airlines flight before it could take off on Saturday evening after a seemingly disturbed pilot went on a bizarre political and personal rant over the intercom.

As passenger Randy Reiss wrote on Twitter, the pilot dressed in a ball cap and casual shirt remarked on her appearance after she boarded the flight at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in the late afternoon, “Then she says ‘sorry, I’m going through [a] divorce,’” Reiss wrote. “Ummmm uh oh.”

Reiss told BuzzFeed that other passengers even sympathized with her at first. The sympathy quickly changed to dread as her speech veered from her personal life into a string of non sequiturs, at which point the mood aboard the San Francisco-bound jet turned from cozy to uncomfortable, to worse.


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