VIRAL VIDEO : Mexicans Brace for Trump Wall with Wall Climbing Contest

Mexicans adapt to change well and many are determined not to let their “right to invade America” be interfered with by the white occupiers of what should really be their land in the first place. We need only go far enough back in history to Aztlán and reset the clock, redraw the lines at precisely the right moment – they’ve done the research and “it’s only fair.”

No “stinkin’ wall” is going to stop these guys, they’re the best and training to be even better. In a light-hearted, humorous approach to a very serious subject related to our national security, Bill Still is reporting on “Trump’s wall.” He says, “Mexico is preparing for the arrival of President Trump’s wall, so in the spirit of good-natured fun they are preparing for the event with a new wall climb competition.” Just in case you haven’t picked up on it yet, he’s having a little fun.

He cuts to a scene of four guys in Olympic style athletic apparel dashing towards a triple stage wall composed of one wall built atop another. The border-busting competitors race towards the wall, each with a high-tech ladder in hand, planting it in the turf just in front of the wall and up they go.

As they top the first level and climb off they raise the ladder to the next, utilizing hooks on the side with which to attach themselves. Still points out, “One thing, probably Trump’s real wall will not have large horizontal notches cut every ten feet or so.” Maybe they’re firemen – would that be hombres del fuego? While we can’t be 100 percent sure this is the new Mexican national pastime it appears to be, it’s worth noting that the numbers are written in Spanish.

After watching this a moat still sounds like a good idea, in combination with the wall, to make it more effective in the face of talent like this. So do hungry alligators.

In the interest of avoiding the label of “fake news” that the libtard mainstream outlets love to throw around, and as a form of insurance from the radical leftist hand wringing attack machine, please note the obvious – this just might be satirical. Libtards don’t understand things like that, they have to have it spelled out.

H/T – RickWells

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