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VIRAL POST : Obama’s VA Won’t Replace Wheelchair for Triple Amputee Vet

Senior Airman Brian Kolfage served our country valiantly and paid a high price for defending America while fulfilling his duty. Kolfage is a triple amputee veteran, and like all veterans, should not have to struggle and fight the Veterans Affairs (VA) to garner the medical aid which has already been earned and purchased with their own blood.

Brain Kolfage returned from fighting overseas and was in need of extensive medial care and a wheelchair suitable for a triple amputee. In America, every veteran should expect to have those needs met both quickly and adequately, but that was not the case for the senior airman – and far too many others. We need Trump to see this– he’ll do something, so spread this everywhere!

In August, Kolfage received notice from the VA that his wheelchairs were no longer considered safe and were beyond repair. A few weeks later, wheelchair vendors arrived at his house to fit him for a chair and take all necessary measurements. Problem solved right? Not by a long shot.

“Today I sit waiting, calling and asking where in the hell are my wheelchairs? My only mode of transportation seconds from being gone. Should I just drag my ass across the floor EVERYWHERE I go?” – Brian Kolfage wrote in a now viral Facebook post.

Brian Kolfage had his sacrifice and service respected as far too many others have had. According to a report by the Veterans Affairs’ Inspector General, about 800,000 request by patient records were “stalled” in the federal agency’s health management system, Freedom Daily notes.

“Over the past 8 years I’ve watched the VA go down that damn tubes, and you know who promised to fix it and didn’t… the outgoing president,” Kolfage continued. “What, is the government this broke they can’t afford new wheelchairs for a triple amputee?”

While waiting for the treatment and aid they deserve, more than 307,000 veterans died during the months of 2016 and in past years. Obama has done nothing to clean up the VA during his tenure in office, even after the disgusting treatment of our finest and bravest was revealed to be costing lives and vastly reducing quality of life for ill and injured veterans.

Kolfage went on to describe how the VA took six months to replace a missing or broken $100 wheel on his old wheelchair. Without a call to Congress, the triple amputee veteran doesn’t seem to think the wheel would ever have arrived.

Tired or waiting around for the care he earned and deserved to materialize, the senior airman tried to buy the wheel through a non-government third party, and fix it himself – with his one existing arm! Apparently the great minds who work at the VA nixed that idea, and felt a veteran just was not capable of threading and tightening a bolt all on his own without government oversight.

Kolfage is missing three limbs, but he is far from helpless. He can change his own car tire and accomplish a plethora of other mundane tasks all husbands and fathers are called upon to complete on a daily basis.

“More BS of the govt trying to control our lives,” Kolfage also state in his Facebook post. “Ultimately I want my new wheelchairs, but I also am so sick of the bullshit I deal with I want to help President Trump’s next VA leader make the proper changes. I need you to share this, help people see what’s going on, because it’s a damn clusterf**k of incompetence at the VA and it’s the exact opposite of what combat wounded veterans need.”

While the triple amputee veteran waits on big government to work and the VA to deliver on its promise of new wheelchairs, the heroic Kolfage has been reduced to sitting and moving about in wheelchairs that are literally duct-taped together. The unsafe, unacceptable, and entirely disrespectful treatment of our veterans needs to end – now!

H/T – AngryPatriot

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