VIDEO : Stein’s Recount BLEW THE LID off Major Voter Fraud in Detroit Where Hillary WON BIG

Jill Stein’s scam recount ended up exposing MAJOR FRAUD after all.

In the Democrat stronghold of Detroit, where Hillary won big, officials uncovered more votes than voters.

So, had it not been for “fraud for Hillary” Trump would have won Michigan by even more.

Wayne County elections officials gathered data showing vote tallying discrepancies in 248 of Detroit’s 662 precincts in which more ballots were tabulated than the number tallied by poll workers.

Michigan state Sen. Patrick Colbeck said, “The state needs to investigate whether or not the cause of the ballot count discrepancies in Detroit and elsewhere throughout the state are the result of fraud or negligence,” Colbeck said in a press release. “While some inadvertent human error can always occur, when it is identified in 59 percent of Detroit’s 662 voting precincts, the sanctity of our democratic voting process demands an investigation.”

Watch the video:

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