VIDEO : Mad Max BOLTS When Asked About HER MONEY-TIES to Russia

Maxine “Mad Max” Waters is the “fresh new face” of the Democrat party. She spends nearly every day, screaming for the

She spends nearly every day, screaming for the impeachment of President Trump over unfounded and debunked allegations of “collusion” with Russia to “steal” the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

However, if you’re looking for some serious “Russia connections,” look no further than Mad Max herself.

Got News has uncovered a Maxine Waters 2015 disclosure statement that details her family’s investments in Blackrock’s Russia-connected Global Allocation and Balanced funds.

Nice, one Mad Max!

This story likely has legs, since when she was asked about this on camera, Mad Max freaked out and took off.

What is SHE hiding?

Watch the video:

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