VIDEO : Black Conservative Woman SLAMS #WomensMarch

A woman from Illinois is bringing the truth to the media, destroying the people who took part in the Women’s March this past weekend in Washington.

Peggy Hubbard, a slammer of the BLM movement and the election protesters, has addressed the Women’s March — or as she calls it, the “nasty women movement,” and she gives them a taste of their own language in what may be one of the best rants against the Women’s March I have seen yet…

Watch the video:

“You do not speak for me as a woman,” she started her video with, destroying the women who are demanding that they be respected and not objectified — all while wearing vagina hats and costumes.

“It’s kinda hard not to treat you as a sexual being when you’re walking around with a vajayjay strapped to your forehead,” Hubbard stated bluntly. She said that Madonna and Ashley Judd were not speakers for her like that of other women.

In the past, when women wanted to fight for their rights, they did so with their clothes on. They did it without displaying vaginas and breasts to the world — because that’s not how you get what you want in the world.

These women do not inspire other women to join them; all they inspire is chaos and division among a group that should be united. If you have something you want to bring up in the government, then do so using the available processes.

For myself and many other women, I do not think exposing parts of my body is any way to get people to take me seriously. Women exposing bare breasts does not advocate the rights of women; instead, all it does is dilute the message they are trying to send.

Rather than listen to any sound points these women might have under the theatrics, people will flip the channel, thinking they’re watching a “Girls Gone Wild” episode and not a protest. It’s just about the same message — crazy drunk women exposing themselves on live television and screaming “YOLO” and whatever else.

The women at this march claim that Donald Trump is a racist and a sexist, yet they have no problem with such things when it comes from the other side of the aisle. Hillary Clinton has said terrible things about both women and minorities, and she was more than happy to stay married to a serial predator like Bill Clinton because of the power the name entails. And yet somehow these liberal women would have accepted her into the White House with open arms.

Hubbard was right to call these women out. Walking around naked, grinding on others, and then screaming about being objectified is not any way to get a message across. You objectify yourself — we are more than our breasts, butts, and vaginas, ladies. Please try to remember that.

H/T – AngryPatriot

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