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Responding to Attack from Sore Loser on Team Clinton, Trump Social Media Director Dan Scavino Twists the Knife

The Hillary Campaign, aligned with the liberal mainstream media as their loyal propaganda mouthpiece, is a non-stop excuse machine.

First they blame James Comey, then “Fake News,” then Facebook, then Putin, then back to Comey. It’s a truly pathetic merry-go-round of excuses and lack of accountability.

What nobody mentions is the fact Hillary had every advantage possible and STILL lost. The entire mainstream media was in the tank for her as well as the DC establishment. She also had roughly twice as much funding and a much larger ad budget and staff.

In a tweet today, Dan Scavino, Trump Social Media Director who will now be White House Social Media Director, responded to a totally unwarranted “sore loser” attack by Team Hillary.

Dan responded by cleverly pointing out to Hillary’s former SM Director Alex Wall that Team Trump succeeded by doing far more with far less.

Team Trump had the leader that inspired America, brought massive crowds, a true grass roots movement, and a smaller, but more passionate staff that was ultimately more effective.

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