These Bitter Globalists are Promoting the Narrative that Trump Won’t Last 4 Years

A Globalist U.N. Advisor, the Liberal Media, Mark Cuban, and Michael Moore all share something in common – all 4 are promoting the baseless concept that President Trump will not last his full term and will somehow be impeached first.

Their sinister goal is one – to condition the masses into believing that impeachment is expected, so when they make their attempt to actually do it, it will not seem unfamiliar.

From Infowars

Jean Ziegler, who according to CNS News, “has a history of sympathizing with despotic regimes,” told Austrian newspaper Kurier, “I do not believe that Trump will remain in office for four years.”

“Either there will be psychiatric problems or the pressure will become so great that he can no longer govern,” he added.

Ziegler believes that leftists will lead a “moral insurrection” against Trump’s “xenophobic, vulgar, anti-feminist, anti-solidarity” rhetoric.

The adviser’s gripe against the president appears to stem from Trump proposing to cut funding to the United Nations.

“People are traumatized,” Ziegler claims, adding, “If Trump reduces the payments massively, the U.N. is paralyzed.”

Ziegler is not the first voice on the far-left to assert that Trump won’t be able to complete his first term in office.

Film maker Michael Moore has repeatedly called for his supporters and Democrats to launch a coup under which a “national emergency” is declared to unseat Trump from the White House.

The Daily Mail also reported earlier this month that Barack Obama and his allies are plotting to oust Trump from the presidency via either impeachment or forcing him to resign.

Both Salon and Huffington Post have also published articles predicting that Trump will be turfed out before 2020.

Billionaire Mark Cuban told TMZ last month, “I don’t think he’ll last 4 years.”


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