Terrorist Killer Canada is Giving $10.5 Mil to Has Ties to Bin Laden

Canada has agreed to give $10.5 million to former GITMO terrorist Omar Khadr.

This is someone who admitted to killing an American soldier with a grenade.

Yet, liberal Canada is making him an instant millionaire because they feel they interrogated him a little too hard.

Michelle Rempel wrote on Twitter  “When a Canadian soldier is injured in battle the government provides a Disability Award up to a maximum of $360,000,” she tweeted. But “the current government is willing to provide $10-million to a convicted terrorist.”

Trudeau was asked about this and gave pretty much the worst answer possible.

Watch the video:

To make matters worse, Omar Khadr has close ties to the Bin Laden family.

From Wikipedia:

Omar is second last.

Good job Canada, you gave $10.5 million dollars to a terrorist with ties to Bin Laden for interrogating him a little too rough.

You are officially the laughing stock of the free world.

H/T – RedStateWatcher

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