Since Trump’s Victory, Liberals Are Suffering From Nightmares, Insomnia and Binge Eating

If it’s not already obvious, liberals across the country are becoming unhinged.

Many have been struck by nightmares, insomnia, and binge eating since Donald Trump won the presidency is November.

From The Daily Caller

“I have not slept a full night since the election,” fashion designer Ariane Zurcher told Yahoo News, and she’s not alone.

President Trump is haunting the dreams of many Americans and is being blamed for lost sleep and weight gain.

Floridian Soraida Justiniano fears deportation. “I worry that even though my family members have been American citizens for generations we will be targeted … because of our surnames and our looks,” Justiniano said.

Tech industry employee Amanda Silver fears for refugees. “I’m worried about the ‘Anne Franks‘ of Syria, Somalia, Yemen,” she said.

New Jersey math teacher Lori Rivere Rodrig is afraid too. “I am afraid the democratic process is under attack by a nationalist, far-right, authoritarian leader,” she told Yahoo.

“I’m afraid my son and nephew will be sent to a war I don’t believe in,” says former nurse Linda Cliff Derbacher.

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