Shocking Stat Proves Liberal Media HIDES Any Illegal Alien Crime News

Last week, a 14 year old girl was brutally raped in a bathroom stall in Maryland.

This story should transcend politics as it is a stunning crime against humanity.

Conservative media,  such as “Hannity,” Breitbart, and Truthfeed reported the facts of this case.

The liberal media however did not.

Why? Because this brutal rape occurred in Sanctuary City Maryland and at least one of the two perpetrators, Henry Sanchez Milian, was an illegal alien who was in queue to be deported.

Since this report goes against the liberal narrative of “fake empathy” and “open borders / amnesty” over commons sense –  what did the liberal media do?

Sweep it under the rug.

Not just bury it deep in the back, ELIMINATE the story completely…..just AS IF it never happened.

A total of ZERO minutes were devoted to this story on NBC, CBS, and ABC.

This practice of whitewashing the truth is common and ensures the mainstream media stays 100% liberal, anti-Trump propaganda.

Every illegal alien crime, the mainstream liberal media is COMPLICIT, because they fail to tell the truth about Illegal Alien crime.

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