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SHOCK VIRAL VIDEO : Muslim Man Calmly Tells Interviewer Sharia Law Will Take Over the World

What makes this video so interesting is the Muslim man is not hostile and he’s not even “extreme.”  He is articulate and polite.

However, he makes the shocking case that as a practicing Muslim that believes in Islam, he has really no other choice than to abide to the belief that Sharia Law will eventually take over all of London, and then all of the world. He believes this “100 percent.”

From BritainFirst 

Recently, one one of our many trips to Luton magistrates, a local honest Muslim approached party leader Paul Golding and declared that Britain will be under Sharia Law in the future and will be an Islamic State.

He was very polite and respectful, did not show hostility, but declared in no uncertain terms the way most Muslims feel about our country.

This video is a real eye opener.