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SHOCK VIDEO: WATCH #AltLeft Antifa Thugs BEAT a Black Trump Supporter!

Here we have YET ANOTHER example of the brutal violence from the Alt-Left group Antifa.

This time, a black Trump supporter was savagely beaten by a mob of bloodthirsty leftists, simply for not adhering to their far-left ideology.

Folks, this is getting way out of hand; we are being attacked, beaten, stabbed, clubbed, maced, and now they’re even using BOMBS against us.

How much more is it going to take before our government stops treating these vicious thugs like “good guys” and declares them domestic terrorists?

Antifa is not going to stop, in fact, they’re escalating their violence at an alarming rate.

If this dangerous, sadistic group of Alt-Left militants is not outlawed and stopped, it is only a matter of time before they start killing us in the streets.

We must be vocal and DEMAND that the government do the right thing and declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.