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Sexual Assaults at Swedish Festivals Have Risen 1000%

A new report has revealed that sexual attacks at festivals in Sweden have risen a staggering 1000%.

That’s quite a big jump.

Most of the cases reported are young, teenage girls and the offenders are describe to be of “foreign origin.”

That obviously just a nice way of saying followers of Islam.

From Breitbart

Despite some festival organisers listening to the complaints and increasing their security, festivals like We are Sthlm still saw 50 sexual assault incidents.

17-year-old Alexandra Larsson was a victim of a sex attack at the Putte i Parken in Karlstad last year. “First, someone touched me on the butt a few times. I turned around and inquired who had done it, but got no answer,” Larrson said.

“This was repeated several times. Finally, someone took me on the genitals. Then I got angry and turned around and shouted, ‘Whoever it was, you are an idiot!’”

Larrson was one of 32 young girls who was sexually attacked at the festival according to reports. The youngest was only 12-years-old.

Many of the men who have committed sex attacks at the various festivals were described as having a “foreign origin.”

At the Bravalla Festival in Norrkoping another girl, only 15, claimed that foreign men had sexually attacked her and her five friends.