Senator Tom Cotton’s VIRAL Tweet on Castro’s Death Has Liberal Heads EXPLODING!

Liberals are defending, praising, and making excuses for Communist TYRANT Fidel Castro who mercifully died on Friday.

This is a man who was a PROUD brutal dictator who did not believe in human rights or freedom.

Why on EARTH would anyone defend or praise someone like that?

….because they’re moon-bat liberals…..

Canada’s prime minister actually called Castro a “remarkable” leader.


Meanwhile, Cubans are in the streets DANCING and celebrating the death of a tyrannical dictator.

Look at what has happened to the once-proud “working man’s” Democrat party.

Now, they’ve moved so far left of “bonkers,” they can’t even CONDEMN a vicious dictator.

So, you can imagine when Senator Tom Cotton put out this tweet, how butt-hurt the commie-loving liberals were.

Their heads exploded.

Dear liberals, there is nothing redeeming or romantic about oppression.

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