Schumer Believes He Has a “Message From God” to Defeat Trump

Chuck Schumer was pretty bummed out when Hillary Clinton lost to President Donald Trump. That

That is until the Almighty reminded him of his importance.


From The Blaze

Schumer told Politico he was down for about three days following the Nov. 8 election and did not feel encouraged until the fourth day.  “It was like a thunderbolt hit me, almost a message from God,” he said.

“I said to myself, ‘If Hillary won, and you were majority leader, the job would be more fun and it would be a lot easier. And, most importantly, you’d get to do some good things, but with Trump as president, and you as minority leader, the job is much more important,’ ” the senator said. “That has fueled me ever since.”

Schumer also discussed the looming Senate battles over Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and the potential for a government shutdown next month. In the minority leader’s mind, Democrats are poised to win on both fronts.


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