Saying “You’re in Good Shape” is Awful but Biden’s “MOLESTATION” is OK???

During a recent trip to Paris for the celebration of Bastille Day, President Trump paid the First Lady of France a compliment.

He told her, “You’re in good shape.”

You’d think Trump told her he was going to strangle her, the way the lying media and desperate Democrats attacked him.

Angry, man-hating feminism has made complimenting a woman’s figure something “bad” and outrageous.

Meanwhile, as Democrats and the media are foaming at the mouth over a kind gesture, do you remember any of these people complaining about Joe Biden’s CREEPY “snuggles” with women of all ages?

Uncle Joe’s “affection” bordered on “molestation,” and clearly made countless women cringe in horror.

However, our media and liberals said NOTHING.


Amy Moreno is a Published Author, Pug Lover & Game of Thrones Nerd. You can reach her on Facebook here.


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