REMINDER : Trump Works for FREE by Not Accepting $400,000 Annual Presidential Salary 

While liberals and the mainstream media scramble to do “damage control” over Rachel Maddow’s botched “Trump Tax Scoop,” we’d like to remind you that the man our lying media has tried to paint as a no-good tax evader, not only PAID his taxes, but he is also working for FREE.

President Trump has refused to accept the $400,000 annual presidential salary.

And don’t forget, he funded his primary run with his own money.

These are honorable acts that are virtually ignored by our dishonest liberal media.

The 2005 tax returns that Rachel Maddow revealed showed that President Trump made $150 million dollars and paid $38 million in taxes.

This fact debunks the liberal narrative that President Trump avoided taxes for 18 years and was “hiding” something sinister from the American people.

The mainstream media needs to stop with the hysterical fake news and anti-Trump biased and get back to reporting facts.

H/T – Red State Watcher

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