President Trump Called Tomi Lahren to Thank Her for “Fair Coverage”

We all know President Trump is a “news junkie,” so it’s no surprise he caught former Blaze TV host Tomi Lahren on Sean Hannity’s show.

Lahren appeared on the show and vehemently defended President Trump back in February.

President Trump, who is known to call and thank his supporters, appreciated Tomi’s remarks and phoned her personally to thank her for her fair coverage.

One thing is for certain.

President Trump never called Glenn Beck, who recently fired Tomi and who likely voted for Hillary Clinton or a 3rd party candidate.

From Western Journalism

President Donald Trump is known to watch his fair share of cable news. Therefore, It should come as no surprise that conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren was personally thanked after she defended him on a Feb. 7 episode of Hannity.

Lahren, known for her bleach blonde hair and fiery personality, explained to Sean Hannity on his show why she voted for Trump during the presidential election.

According to the Washingtonian, Lahren received a call from Trump later that night in which he thanked her for “fair coverage” of him. She said they spoke for “a solid 10 to 15 minutes.”

Lahren said Trump also praised her nightly commentary on her Blaze TV program.

“I did a lot of work during the campaign that went viral,” she said.

Lahren often releases short viral videos which target liberal and progressive causes.

The 24-year-old explained during Hannity’s Feb 7. program that she wasn’t originally a fan of Trump. She only decided to support him during the general election season.

“I didn’t [support him] from the outset. But the more I got involved with some of the campaign events, the more I heard President Trump speak, I got on board,” Lahren said at the time.

“Because mostly, because I saw so many average, everyday Americans in law enforcement, the blue-collar Americans, I saw them gravitating towards him. And I thought, this man is doing something amazing,” she continued.

Lahren was also impressed that Trump managed to successfully run against two parties during the general election.

“He’s running against the Democratic party and, in some ways, the Republican party as well. And he won,” she said.

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