PEW REPORT : 72% of Illegals are Taking Jobs from LEGAL Americans

According to a new analysis of immigrants in the workforce, over seven in 10 of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States are taking jobs that legal Americans could have including  many good-paying positions in construction.

From the Washington Examiner

The Pew Research Center said that 8 million illegal immigrants have jobs, some 72 percent of all illegals, and they are big as masons, maids and field workers.

“All told, immigrants made up 17.1 percent of the total U.S. workforce in 2014, or about 27.6 million workers out of 161.4 million. About 19.6 million workers, or 12.1 percent of the total workforce, were in the U.S. legally; about 8 million, or 5 percent, entered the country without legal permission or overstayed their visas,” said Pew.

The report’s focus is on the overall number of immigrants with jobs and Pew stresses that there is no industry where immigrants, legal and illegal, have a majority of jobs.

However, the report shows just how many jobs they do have and it breaks down the numbers jobs held by legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. And those numbers are big in many industries.

For private home jobs, immigrants make up nearly 50 percent. Ditto for the agriculture industry.


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