OOPS! Chelsea Clinton Accidentally DESTROYS Michelle Obama

Liberals who want to criticize President Trump for tweeting may want to change gears and focus on social media wrecking ball Chelsea Clinton.

We may need to stage an intervention for Chelsea, who is a tweeting disaster.

Although truthfully, we love it – it’s like a bad train wreck that you can’t stop staring at.

If you’ll recall Chelsea Clinton is the one who wondered if a photo of Abe Lincoln in a MAGA hat was “photoshopped.”

She routinely tries to SLAM GOPers or President Trump with her harebrained tweets and more times than not, she inadvertently insults someone on her side of the aisle.

That’s exactly what happened when Chelsea went after the “GOP” over school lunch programs, only this time she nailed Michelle Obama.


H/T – The Blaze

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