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Obama Takes Office Debt is $10.626 Trillion. Obama Leaves Office Debt is $19.947 Trillion

Any way you slice and dice the numbers, Barack Hussein Obama added a TON to the already high national debt.

Obama’s reckless spending and failing programs like Obamacare are to blame for the increase in our debt.

It’s clear by the numbers that Obama’s irresponsible behavior and inability to properly manage led to the destruction of America.

Thankfully, President Trump is on the job.

Trump is a smart, savvy, and successful businessman who knows exactly how to Make Ameria Great Again.

From The Balance Report

Depending on who you ask, President Obama added anywhere from $983 billion to $9 trillion to the national debt. Who’s lying? None of them. That’s because there are three ways to look at the debt added by any president.

The first, and most common, method is to subtract the debt level when he took office from the debt level when he left. The second, and more accurate, method is to add together his projected budget deficits.

The third method is the fairest but also the most complicated. It’s to add only the deficits created by the president’s specific initiatives.

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