Obama Gives a Speech to a GHOST TOWN! The Military isn’t Sad to See Him Go…

Obama gave an underwhelming farewell speech to the military Wednesday afternoon at Henderson Hall at Joint Base Myer in Arlington, Virginia.

Live video of the speech showed Obama speaking with several rows of empty seats behind him, showing just how little love the outgoing Commander-in-Chief had.

From Gateway Pundit:

Screen image by Kristinn Taylor.

It was oddly inept staging given the hundreds who were there to say goodbye to Obama. After the speech, cameras panned the hall to show full rows of seating extending around a good part of the hall but with many sections empty.

The floor itself was kept open for military marching bands to perform and for the Obama farewell ceremony.

The speech was attended by Vice President Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and other dignitaries.

For those wondering about the medal Obama is seen wearing, it was presented to him at the ceremony.

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