NYT Columnist Upset Trump Called Some Americans his Enemies When Hillary did the Same Thing

It’s true that Donald Trump did wish a “Happy New Year” to all, including his “many enemies,” but maybe it’s just the timing that has Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman so sad and troubled.

Either it’s the clear violation of the holiday spirit, or Friedman has simply forgotten or doesn’t care that Hillary Clinton, during a debate last October, told moderator Anderson Cooper that the enemy she was most proud to have made during her political career was Iran [crickets] … and the Republicans [cheers].

In fact, her campaign thought the line was clever enough to tweet out. Chances are some Americans are also mixed up with some of her other notorious archenemies: the NRA, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies.


WINNER : Becca H.

LOSER : Thomas L. Friedman

H/T – Twitchy

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