New Study Shows Trump Won By Turning Crucial Counties Obama Won Red

A new report gives insight into how President Trump pulled off his historic electoral landslide victory November 8th.

Instead of paying attention to key pivot counties in the Midwest she needed to win, Hillary Clinton tailored her radical leftist message exclusively for the latte liberals in big cities that were guaranteed to vote Democrat no matter what.

President Trump capitalized and won a majority of key counties needed to win the election, including many that were won by Obama.

By Scott Rasmussen via Newsmax

There are 3,088 counties in America and only 206 of them voted for the winner in each of the last three presidential elections. In other words, these Pivot Counties voted twice for President Obama before switching sides to vote for President Trump in 2016.

The Pivot Counties had an outsized impact on the election results. Despite casting only 5 percent of the national vote total in 2016, they accounted for 51 percent of the popular vote shift toward Republicans.

Not surprisingly, just over half of the Pivot Counties are found in the Midwest. That includes 31 counties in Iowa, 22 in Wisconsin, 19 in Minnesota, 12 in Michigan, 12 in Illinois, nine in Ohio, and five in Indiana.

Nationally, President Obama won the popular vote by 6 percentage points in 2008 (52 to 46 percent) and by 4 percentage points in 2012 (51 to 47 percent). Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by only 2 percentage points in 2016 (48 to 46 percent).

In 2008, President Obama won the 206 Pivot Counties by 10 points, with a margin of 54 to 44 percent. In 2012, he won them by a slightly smaller margin of 53 to 46 percent. But the results in 2016 were dramatically different. Donald Trump carried them by 8 points, 51 to 43 percent. That reflects a net swing of 15 percentage points (from D+7 in 2012 to R+8 in 2016).

A small number of these Pivot Counties (22) are true swing counties, voting for the winner in eight consecutive elections dating back to 1988. Two counties — Vigo, Indiana and Valencia, New Mexico — have gone with the winner in every election dating back to 1960!

But while some of the Pivot Counties consistently swing with the national mood, a larger number have a background that traditionally leans towards Democratic candidates. Most voted for the Democratic candidate during the Republican victories in 1988, 2000 and 2004. Only a few voted Republican during the Democratic victories in 1992 and 1996.

This suggests strongly that Donald Trump’s ability to capture the allegiance of certain formerly Democratic voters was essential to his victory.

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