NEW STUDY Reveals Network News is Just as Fake as CNN

Thanks to their humiliating article retraction and Project Veritas’ outstanding expose video, the public now knows CNN is as fake as it can get.

However, as President Trump tweeted CNN is just ONE of the MANY fake news networks out there.

Trump specifically mentioned NBC, CBS and ABC and it turns out he is 100% correct.

A study conducted by Media Research Center between May 17th to June 20th found that over 80% of “network news” was dedicated to the Russia Comey investigation WITCH HUNT.

Meanwhile, issues that actually MATTER to America, like Trade policies, the economy, tax reform and even the repeal of Obamacare were barely even touched.

So let’s break down what is happening.

The Washington establishment, that is 100% in bed with the mainstream media is still sore over being ousted by a populist movement.

As a result, the top down directive is to simply not cover anything except anti-Trump conspiracy theories to try to defame him and influence public opinion for 2018 and 2020.

We all knew this was happening, and now the numbers prove it.


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