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Media Perpetuates Fake Trump Russia Conspiracies, Ignores Fact Hillary was Funded by the Saudis

One of the many reasons President Trump won on November 8th is that the American people have finally woke up to the fact that the Mainstream Media are nothing more than globalist and corporate propaganda.

While “reporting” on totally unsubstantiated Russian “conspiracy theories” without any evidence whatsoever 24/7, the liberal media mafia (CNN, MSNBC, NY Times etc.) gave nearly ZERO attention to the fact that the Clintons through their foundation were in REALITY guilty of taking funding from the Saudis and multiple other Islamic terror-supporting regimes.

However it of course gets better, as after taking millions from these nations, Hillary approved weapons deals. Classic “pay to play.”

And let’s not forget THIS incredible hypocrisy. 7 of the nations that donated to Hillary punish gays with DEATH. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s just say if you are a female in one of Hillary’s middle east donor countries, you will┬ánot want to even try driving as you just may end up stoned to death.

Yup, that is what Democrats tout as “diversity” nowadays.

The new progressive left gets mad at Conservatives when we chant “USA! USA!” and wants us to be tolerant to ideologies that stone gays and women who drive to death. Absolutely disgusting.