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Luntz Calls Obama’s Recent Maneuvers the “OBAMA F U TOUR”

Frank Luntz has been wrong over and over again, including on what would happen after the first Fox New Debate, who would win the GOP Primary and who would win Election Day.

However for once in his life,  Luntz has gotten it right when it comes to Obama.

From IJR

Pollster Frank Luntz has been watching President Obama’s moves as he prepares to leave office.

He told Fox News that there’s been nothing this divisive since Herbert Hoover threw a public hissy fit before Franklin Roosevelt took office.

Jimmy Carter tried to free the Iran hostages and failed. Bill Clinton pardoned Puerto Rican terrorists and tax evader and terror friend, Marc Rich. George HW Bush pardoned prisoners.

Last minute maneuvers before leaving office aren’t unusual, but Luntz believes the scope of Obama’s have been in a class by themselves.

Obama’s slap against Israel in the UN, his record-breaking number of pardons of drug dealers and others in prisons, sanctioning of Russia, and the continued transferring of high-level terrorists from Guantanamo Bay have been eyebrow-raising.

Luntz called Mr. Obama’s final acts as president the “Obama FU Tour”:

“The key point here is not making it difficult on Donald Trump. If Trump did this great tour of the country, they called it a victory tour or thank you tour, Obama seems to be doing a…uh…trying to figure out the right language so I don’t get fined by the FCC, a FU tour. I guess that’s the best way to put it.”

And here’s what Luntz means by that:

“What he has said about Hillary Clinton and her campaign and drawing that contrast. What he has done to Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu. There are people that he has had political difficulties with—and by the way, Republican members of the House and Senate—the people who he’s disagreed with over the last eight years. He’s gone to great pains to draw a contrast between the things that he says and the things that they have done that makes me think he’s trying to settle scores before he leaves. And that’s not presidential.”

President Obama travels back to Washington, D.C., from his Hawaiian vacation this week. There’s no telling what else he plans to do before he leaves office on January 20th.

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