Liberals Just DESTROYED a 225 Year-Old HISTORIC Monument. Look What They Did!

This is absolutely unreal.

How much more of this crap are we willing to take, America?

The latest statue destroyed by violent, anti-America liberals was older than THE CIVIL WAR.

This monument was around for such a long time, and in the blink of an eye, was smashed by a Communist leftist over “racism” and left-wing intolerance.

Let’s be clear, something needs to change NOW.

If the left is allowed to continue doing this, things will only get worse, as their “purge” of our history will destroy and erase everything that makes America great.

At what point to we put our foot down as a nation and end this MADNESS?

This is beyond intolerable; it is an affront to the very fabric of our nation, which is slowly being unraveled before our eyes.

How much longer will we stand by and allow it?


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