Professor Who Called Trump Presidency “Terrorism” Awarded “Faculty of the Year”

You can’t make this up.

If any professor were to call Obama’s presidency an “act of terrorism,” they would in all likelihood be immediately terminated.

But call President Trump’s electoral landslide victory an “act of terrorism” and you win “FACULTY OF THE YEAR” (at a liberal California university of course.)

Absolutely pathetic.

From LATimes

The Orange Coast College professor who called now-President Trump’s election victory “an act of terrorism” in a video recorded by a student during class last fall will accept OCC’s Faculty of the Year award, the Costa Mesa college said Friday.

Cox, who has taught at OCC for more than 30 years, drew national media attention after a student secretly video-recorded her during class in November calling Trump a “white supremacist” and his election victory “an act of terrorism.”

The video went viral and sparked a nationwide debate between those who said Cox had the academic freedom to express her views in a private setting and those who argued that her statements went too far.

Here is Olga’s viral anti-Trump fear-mongering rant.



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