Liberal Phoenix Mayor Outraged an Illegal Felon Will Be Deported

Liberals are ridiculous. As President Trump says, either we have a Country with borders or we don’t.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton apparently thinks criminally trespassing in to the USA  should be rewarded with permanent residence. Disgusting.

From PJMedia

The Trump administration decided that it’s time for an illegal immigrant, allowed by the Obama administration to remain in Phoenix after being convicted of felony identity theft in 2009, to go back to Mexico.

That has outraged members of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos’ family and the mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton.

Coincidentally, the Mexican-born woman was deported as Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was arriving in Arizona for a tour of that section of the U.S.-Mexico border.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Stanton urged Kelly to do more than “stare at the fence” and “take photos” during his visit to the Arizona-Mexico border Thursday after the 36-year-old woman who had lived in Phoenix for more than two decades — and is the mother of two — was deported to Mexico on Wednesday night.

Mayor Stanton said Kelly should take a “much closer look around…and try to understand how closely our economy and that of Mexico are linked.”

Stanton also said the deportation of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos was a perfect example of why he would never allow the city of Phoenix to “enter into any other agreements with the Trump administration to advance his mass deportation plans.”

“Rather than tracking down violent criminals and drug dealers,” Stanton said, “ICE is spending its energy deporting a woman with two American children who has lived here for more than two decades.”

“What happened to Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos,” Stanton said, “is a travesty.”


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