Liberal Host FIRED by Fox News For Racist Attack Against Black Worker

Another hypocritical liberal is outed as a vile and hateful racist.

Bob Beckel, the blowhard liberal voice of Fox News “The Five” was terminated today after he attacked a black IT worker with racist comments.

Beckel was recently brought back to Fox News after being terminated less than two years ago.

The ranting lunatic not only attacked a black employee with racist comments, but Beckel also tried to bully the person into silence (in front of a Fox News HR person).

Why is it liberals are always the mean, nasty, racist and violent ones?

From People’s Pundit Daily

Fox News Channel has for the second time in two years dropped host Bob Beckel “for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee.”

“Bob Beckel was terminated today for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee,” a Fox News spokesperson stated on Friday. The network declined to further elaborate on the background of the incident.

Douglas Wigdor, whose firm Wigdor LLP represents clients who’ve filed complaints against Fox News, came his version of events to reporters.

“Mr. Beckel stormed out of his office when our client, a Black IT employee, came to service his computer, telling our client that he was leaving his office because he is Black,” Wigdor said in a statement.

“To make matters worse, after our client lodged a complaint about Mr. Beckel’s racist behavior, Mr. Beckel, in front of Chief Human Resource Officer Kevin Lord, attempted to intimidate our client and persuade him to withdraw his complaint.

Because he would not do so, Fox, in what has now become common place, leaked the story on a Friday to minimize the attention drawn to Mr. Beckel’s racist behavior.”

Beckel, who had been a co-host on The Five before and after they moved from the 5:00 PM EST slot, had also been let go by the network in June 2015.

The liberal commentator rejoined the network in January and Fox News chairman Rupert Murdoch said at the time that he was “missed” by fans of the network.

He has made a series of outrageous and controversial comments on air, most talked about among conservatives was when he admitted Democrats hold back returns in Fairfax County, Va., in order to allow time to cheat.

More recently, he had resorted to calling President Donald J. Trump names on air, including “punk” and others.

He also said that he wasn’t responsible for his fortune because his father gave him a million-dollar loan to rebuild Manhattan

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