Le Pen Follows in Trump’s Footsteps With HUGE Rally in Lille, France

Marine Le Pen held a gigantic, Trump-like rally in Lille, France.

She addressed thousands of her supporters on globalism, Islam and said that the European Union was destined to collapse because ordinary people were no longer interested in keeping it alive.

From Breitbart

Speaking to a crowd of thousands in Lille Le Pen said of the European project, which celebrated its 60th birthday this week and has lurched from crisis to crisis in recent years: “The European Union will die because the people do not want it anymore… We will change for another Europe, the European idea harmed by the federalists will re-energize itself, re-invigorate itself in the Europe of the people and of … the nations”.

On her nation’s continued membership of the EU and the Euro currency union, Le Pen remarked “the French will have the last word”.

Calling for France to “reconnect with the greatness of our country”, Le Pen said the Republic would “regain her independence, the rule of law, the sweetness of freedom”.

The Front National leader also launched attacks against her main opponents in her speech. Of her left and centre-right opponents, Le Pen is most likely to be facing down liberal Emmanuel Macron in the second round of voting after May 23rds vote.

Blasting his globalist outlook, Le Pen said: “I want more France”.



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