Illegals are not “STEALING” Free School Lunches Anymore, Fearing Deportation

Illegals who can’t afford to pay for their children’s school lunches are now scared to steal from American taxpayers by signing their kids up for “free” lunches.

They don’t want to get deported.

Liberals will report this story so you feel sad for the families.

It is sad, however, we report this story because it’s outrageous that American children are going hungry, while people who are breaking the law are draining our system.

If you snuck into to America for a so-called “better life” but are unable to take care of your family, you clearly made a mistake and need to go home and regroup.

The American taxpayer is not your personal piggy bank.

While we have great compassion for all children, it’s unacceptable and unreasonable to expect that Americans, who are trying to take care of their own families, must also take care of illegals and their entire family network.

These folks should go back to their home countries where they can rely on their family and friends for assistance.

From Daily Caller

Illegal immigrants in Connecticut say they are now scared to sign their children up for free or reduced-priced school lunches because they believe doing so will run the risk of deportation.

The News-Times, Danbury’s daily newspaper, has the story.

Illegal immigrant parents have been calling the Danbury school district offices to ask if federal immigration officials can gain access to the forms they must complete to access taxpayer-funded free lunches or lunch discounts.

District employees say “hundreds” of illegal immigrant parents have expressed concerns in recent months. Most are scared their immigration status could be exposed because of their participation in lunch programs. A few have gone so far as to consider pulling their kids out of school.

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