Disgraced Donna Brazile Tweets She Hopes Trump will Sink in a Snowstorm Affecting 40 Million

Donna Brazile, known for disgracefully cheating during the Democratic Primary debates and giving Hillary questions ahead of time, just crossed the line past basic human decency.

This woman, who was formerly chosen to be the head of the DNC, tweeted her “wishes” that President Trump would sink in Stella, a winter snowstorm making its way through the east coast that will affect millions. Brazile even gave two previous examples of GW Bush and Obama also having close calls with the weather, perhaps her way of saying “hey, the odds something bad could happen are in my favor.”

The good people on Twitter who are not human embarrassments like Brazile were quick to respond and put her in her place.

At current count, out of hundreds of responses, over 95% are angry at Brazile, and nearly NOBODY defending her.


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